Feb. 16-Mason Muur
Feb. 17-Devin Mouw
Feb. 18-Austin Adams, Russ Wallander
Feb. 21-Carol (Kurt) Stralow
Feb. 22-Nicole Reed

    9:00 a.m. S u n d a y  C e l e b r a t i o n  B e g i n s !

    Prelude:  “Fanfare & Variations on O God, Our Help in Ages Past”
    Songs of Praise:       
    “Praise is Rising! Hosanna!”           Exaltation                              
    “Is He Worthy?”

    Sanctuary Choir:        “Thou, O Lord”   Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    *Invocation, Announcements & Greeting the Family of God

    *Hymn #7  (Vs. 1, 3 & 4)  “Joyful, Joyful,  We Adore Thee”

    Celebrating the Sacrament of Infant Baptism:
    Brayden Lee VanDrew, son of Matt & Brittany VanDrew
    The rosebud on the organ symbolizes the beauty of Brayden’s life that is
    already present while reminding us that God has even more in store for
    him.  As a rose will open to reveal  its full beauty, Brayden will continue to
    grow and bloom as God continues to allow him to blossom throughout
    his life.

    Hymn of Response #482  (Vs. 1 & 3)  “When He Cometh”
    Giving of our Tithes and Gifts          
    Offertory:                 “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”  
    Scripture:                1 Kings 19: 15-21 (Pew Bible page 348)
    Message:                  “Elijah and Elisha and the Cloak”
    Morning Prayer

    *Closing Hymn (see screens) “Lord, Speak to Me”
    *Final Acclamation:   “To God Be the Glory”
    *Postlude:                 “Come, Let Us Worship the King”

    9:00 a.m. – Sunday Celebration                                     Sanctuary
    10:15 a.m. – Men’s Ministry “Take Ten”          Front of Sanctuary
    10:15 a.m. – Sunday School                                   Entire Campus
    10:15 a.m. – Coffee & Fellowship Time                   Christ Center
    4:00-5:30 p.m. – Jr. High JAM                                    Youth Room
    6:30-8:00 p.m. – Sr. High YF                                      Youth Room

TODAY, Feb. 16
    Congregational Meeting immediately following
Monday thru Friday
    5:30-9:30 a.m. – Walking ministry

Mon., Feb. 17
  6:30 p.m. – Choir Practice
    7:30 p.m. – EVOP Practice

Choir Room
Wed., Feb. 19
    8:00 a.m. – Men’s Bible Study
    9:30 a.m. – Adult Bible Study
    5:30 p.m. – Free Community Dinner
    6:00 p.m. – K-2nd / 3rd-5th DELTA
    6:30 p.m. – Jr. High DELTA
Fireside Room
Sanctuary Basement/Christ
CenterYouth Room
Thur., Feb. 20
    6:00 p.m. – Women’s Supper Night Out   

Happy Joe’s
Sat., Feb. 22
    7:00 a.m. – Men’s Bible Study

Christ Center
    All who have yet to trust the Savior Jesus.
    The persecuted church around the world.
    The world, national & state leaders.
    Those battling addictions in their lives.
    The families & marriages of our community & church.

The Missionaries our Emmanuel family supports: the Fields’ serving in Columbia; the
McCleerys serving in Latin America; the Pitchers serving in South Africa; the Smith-
Mathers serving in South Sudan & the Sundararajans serving  in Asia.
Illinois Classis:  Silver Creek, German Valley – Grant Mulder, pastor

Illinois Classis:  Second Reformed, Pekin – Vacant

Rollie Ebbers is scheduled to have back surgery on Monday, Feb. 17 in Rockford.

Bob Atherton was transferred to Resthave last Tuesday for continued rehab therapy.  

Those who are healing & recovering: Pat Maurici & Ben Riewerts

Those who have long-term needs: Linda Damhoff, Jacob Green & Dawson Sterenberg

Those undergoing cancer treatments: Larry VanDerLeest, Deb Wikoff & Jonelle Hook

Our servicemen and women serving our country, including Jason Akker, Riley Coffey,
Brad Eissens, Logan Frederick & Lloyd Wicker

George Temple in his home.
Betty Tegeler & Lois Wiebenga at Resthave.
Norma Boeck, Elwyn Nice, Roger & Marla Buikema at Windsor Manor.
Free Community Meal Menu for Feb. 19:
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Vegetables
& Dessert
February 23
Exit Greeters:   
    Todd Schlegel
    Jason McDearmon
    Ryan Venema
Coffee Hour:
:        NEEDED
Pre-Service Welcome Center Hosts
    Al & Donna Wagenecht
    Corey & Tammy Johnson
Post-Service Welcome Center Greeter
    Betty Pruis
Feb. 2 – Doug & Clarita Vandermyde
Feb. 9 – Frank & Doris Vandermyde
Feb. 16 – Nathan & Ashley Vandermyde and family
Feb. 23 – Paul Vandermyde & Pam Hargrave
Feb. 2 – Scott Findley, Al Wagenecht, Lloyd DeShane
Feb. 9 – Bill Bush, Al Wagenecht, Tim VanZuiden
Feb. 16 – Don Reed, Al Wagenecht, Art Pruis
Feb. 23 – Kasey Wiersema, Al Wagenecht, Corey Johnson
Feb. 2 – Elivia Decker and Megan Folkers
Feb. 9 – Ethan Farrand and Connor Roberts
Feb. 16 – Josh McDearmon and Ethan Bush
Feb. 23 – Cael Wright and Corbin Allen
Screens/DVD Operators
Feb. 2 – Carver Findley and Sarah Wallander
Feb. 9 – Olivia Dauphin and Katie Bush
Feb. 16 – Marissa Folkers and Kenadi Buikema
Feb. 23 – Shelby Wiersema and Joshua McDearmon
Mar. 1 – Addi Wiersema and Isaiah McDearmon
(There must be 2 adults present – youth helpers cannot take the place of adult helpers)
Feb. 2 – Sarah Schmidt, Nicole Reed, Addi Wiersema ---- F.U.E.L.- Tammy J./Katie R.
Feb. 9 – Lois Kuehl, Sam Wiersema, Aiden Roberts
Feb. 16 – Andrea Folkers, Missy Mouw, Anna Lindstrom
Feb. 23 – Breeanne Findley, Hilary McDearmon, Marissa Folkers
Congregational Budget Meeting – TODAY immediately following worship for the
purpose of discussing and approving the 2020 budget.  Copies of the budget were placed in
your mailboxes last Sunday.

The new
2020 Church Directories are in your mailboxes.  If you do not have a mailbox,
you may pick one up from the church office.

Women's Ministry invites all women to a night out!   Join us for supper on Thur.,
February 20th at 6:00 pm at Happy Joe's in the downstairs room. Please sign up in the
Fireside Room TODAY. We would like to have an estimated head count, but each will be
able to order separately.

Women of Emmanuel you are invited to “Rooted in Christ” a community wide conference
being held at Ebenezer Reformed on March 7 from 8 am - 12:30 pm. Barb Roose and
Shannon Popkin will be the keynote speakers. Tickets are now $25. Shirts may still be
ordered for $12 but can’t guarantee they will be ready in time for the conference.  Contact
Brittany VanDrew at 815-751-2682 or Abbi Manning at 815-499-1403 to sign up, order a
shirt or for more questions. Sign-up sheets are also in the Christ Center. Also, you can like
them on Facebook at Rooted in Christ.

Camp Manitoqua Registrations
– February 29th will be the last day to register for camp
using the group hold code that was given to you. After Feb. 29 all holds not being used will
be released to the general public. If you have any questions please contact Lydia at 563-212-

Women’s Ministry
Movie & Lunch - Saturday, March 14th:  We will leave the church
parking lot no later than 8:30 am & carpool to Davenport to see “I Still Believe” at 10 am.  
After the movie we will go to Portillo’s for lunch.  Please sign up on the bulletin board in
the Fireside Room by Sunday, March 8th.

Attention Men!  We will be attending the Davenport, IA Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s
Conference on March 28th as a group.  This one-day conference from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
is for men of all ages; beginning with age 13 and older. Cost is only $57 per man and $40
per student (ages 13-22). Price includes onsite lunch from Chick-fil-A.  Sign up in the
Christ Center by March 22nd or contact Scott Findley at 309-236-3832.

(for moms of growing kids) will be starting this Fall headed up by Jenn
VanderMolen.  She is looking for other moms of young children to be part of her team in
the roles of: hospitality, membership/finance, discussion group coordinator, events/activity
coordinator & mentor moms. To contact Jenn, please email her at jenn.vandermolen@gmail.

2020 Consistory Teams Correction
:  The consistory members to contact in the area of
Pulpit Supply should be Jason McDearmon and Kevin Buis.
February 16
Exit Greeters:   
    Todd Schlegel
    Jason McDearmon
    Ryan Venema
Coffee Hour:
    No coffee hour
Pre-Service Welcome Center Hosts
    Al & Donna Wagenecht
    Corey & Tammy Johnson
Post-Service Welcome Center Greeter
    Betty Pruis
Feb. 21-Dan & Connie Heusinkveld
February Volunteers
**Please remember… If you are unable to be here on your assigned Sunday,
it is your responsibility to make arrangements to trade with someone.
I will be home in Eagan later this week to officiate a wedding next weekend.   Our guest
speaker will be Pastor Mike Durham.   Below is the preaching schedule for the services from
March 1 – Easter Sunday.  

    March 1:  Al,
    March 8:  Al - The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated on this 2nd Sunday of the Lenten
    March 15: Al,
    March 22:  Al,
    March 29: Pastor Eric Ngum,
    Palm Sunday, April 5: Al,
    Thur., April 9:  Al - Maundy Thursday Communion Service
    Easter Sunday, April 12:  Al  
Emmanuel Reformed Church  Copyright 2020  All Rights Reserved



Good Morning!   On this Sabbath Day morning we come to praise and worship our awesome God
who reigns over heaven and earth.  We give a special welcome today to our guests.
Attendance last Sunday –  239

Attendance last year – 186
Total Offering to Budget Last Sunday:
2020 Income YTD to Budget:
Magnifying Our Missions
February’s Designated Benevolent Offering:
Caring Closet at MHS & April House
The Caring Closet at MHS was established this school year to provide students who, for a
multitude of reasons, are unable to do things like maintain adequate hygienic practices in
their personal lives, procure the necessary supplies for schools, and/or afford the
necessary items for weather changes.  The goal of the Caring Closet will be to provide all
MCUSD 6 students with important personal items such as toiletries, undergarments, school
supplies and other necessities that students may “shop for” (without paying) if they are in
April House is a child-focused facility-based program in which representatives from core
disciplines – law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical, and
victim advocacy – collaborate to investigate child abuse reports, conduct forensic
interviews, determine and provide evidence-based intervention, and assess cases for
prosecution.  The primary goal of all CACs is to ensure that children are not further
victimized by the intervention system designed to protect them.   Since 2015, April House
continues to grow services in Whiteside County.  The goal is to bring all the help-systems
together with a team approach so children may find safety and healing.  
We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting both the Caring Closet at MHS & April
House with a second specifically marked offering in addition to your regular offering when
it is received on February 23rd.

The Missions Committee