The Gathering:  As we countdown the start of Sunday Celebration, we welcome all of
you to gather and move about in the Sanctuary to connect with other brothers and
sisters, visit, offer a welcome to our guests and prepare to experience God in a very
special way.  Feel free to bring your coffee in if you wish…this is a place for us to grow
in a comfortable manner.  This is the day the Lord has made…we are going to rejoice!
9:00 a.m. – Blended Worship Service                            Sanctuary
10:15 a.m. – Coffee & Fellowship Time                   Christ Center
10:15 a.m. – Sunday School resumes Sept. 9th       Entire Campus
4:00-5:30 p.m. – Jr. High JAM                                 Youth Room
6:30-8:00 p.m. – Sr. High YF                                   Youth Room
Activities this week at Emmanuel
**Please remember…
If you are unable to be here on your assigned Sunday, it is your responsibility to make
arrangements to trade with someone.
Aug. 12-Darrell & Janice Workman
Aug. 13-Gary & Dawn Meyer
Aug. 18-John & Samantha Sterenberg
Monday thru Friday
 5:30-9:30 a.m. – Walking ministry                        Gymnasium

Exit Greeters:
Aug. 12
August 19
  Kasey Wiersema
Martin Koster
Bill Bush
Kasey Wiersema
Martin Koster
Bill Bush

Coffee Hour

Findley family

Men’s Ministry
Aug. 13-Brenda Mayfield, Christine Schlegel, Tosha Venema
Aug. 15-Shelly Bierman, Lloyd DeShane, Jason VanderEide
Aug. 17-Jane VanZuiden
All who have yet to trust the Savior Jesus.
The persecuted church around the world.
Those battling addictions in their lives.
The families & marriages of our community & church.

Brayden Deuth is growing wonderfully and the only prayer need they have at this
point is that he might be able to come off of the little bit of oxygen he is still on.  He
has been weened down to just a very little bit, but it would be great to not have to
have him on it at all.  

Those who are healing & recovering:  Marv VanZuiden, Doris Vandermyde, Dick
Ebbers, Vicky Workman & John VanderSchaaf

Those undergoing cancer treatments: Nancy Rutledge, Pat Dykstra, Mary
Rasmussen, Jane Darby, Deb Baker, Jake Vandermyde, Jonelle Hook & Anita

Our servicemen and women serving our country, including Jason Akker, Riley
Coffey, Brad Eissens, Logan Frederick, Jacob Kunde, Rowdy Lathrop & Lloyd

Kim Schroth in her home.
Betty Tegeler & Lillian Unger at Resthave.
Norma Boeck, Elwyn Nice, Roger & Marla Buikema at Windsor Manor.

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July 29 – Martin & Becky Koster
Aug. 5 – Wayne & Mary Hook
Aug. 12 – Ritch & Heather Lindstrom and family
Aug. 19 – Denise Kuehl & Kevin Schisler
Aug. 26 – Terry & Brenda Mayfield
July 29 – YF Members
Aug. 5 – Ernie Renkes, Jeff McDearmon, Corey Johnson
Aug. 12 – Mike Damhoff, Jeff McDearmon, Al Wagenecht
Aug. 19 – Russ Renner, Jeff McDearmon, Jason McDearmon
Aug. 26 – Ben Carpenter, Jeff McDearmon, Ken Stralow
July 29 –Kenadi Buikema and Sarah Stralow
Aug. 5 – Sonja Huffstutler and Gabbi Stichter
Aug. 12 – Luke Carpenter and Ethan Bush
Aug. 19 – Corbin Allen and Ethan Farrand
Aug. 26 – Nathan Davis and Cael Wright
Screens/DVD Operators
July 29 – Addi Wiersema and Sarah Wallander
Aug. 5 – David Stralow and Jacob Schlegel
Aug. 12 – Thomas Dauphin and Luke Millard
Aug. 19 – Hannah Stralow and Hannah Wallander
Aug. 26 – Addi Wiersema and Sarah Wallander
Sept. 2 – David Stralow and Jacob Schlegel
(There must be 2 adults present – youth helpers cannot take the place of adult helpers)
July 29 –Sam Wiersema, Lois Kuehl, Anna Lindstrom, Kamryn Davis
Aug. 5 – Becky Coons, Lydia Ohlsen, Megan Muur, Addi Wiersema
Aug. 12 – Breeanne Findley, Carla Bush, Mackenzie Ryder, Aiden Roberts
Aug. 19 – Ken & Carol Stralow, Lauren Schlegel, Mitchell Johnson
Aug. 26 – Tammy Johnson, Amber Wright, Fiona Huffstutler, Zach Coons
Pre-Service Welcome Center Hosts: Al & Donna Wagenecht
                                        Corey & Tammy Johnson                
Post-Service Welcome Center Greeter:  Betty Pruis                        
Please uphold in prayer:
Attendance last Sunday – 221
Attendance last year – 256
Total Offering to Budget Last Sunday

Mortgage Balance:
2018 Budget
2018 Income YTD to Budget
Total needed to meet Budget
$   8,327.00
$   20,123.31
$ 475,550.00
$ 236,349.72
$ 239,200.28

    9:00 a.m.…Sunday Celebration Begins!  

    *“Stand Up and Bless the Lord”                                          
    *Welcome and Prayer                                         
    Songs of Praise:         “Jesus”                                                 Exaltation
                                   “The Only Name/Yours Will Be”

    Special Music:    “Even When It Hurts”     Anna Rinker, vocalist
    (concluding with The Lord’s Prayer using “debts & debtors”)  

    *Hymn #58 (Vs. 1 & 5) “My Savior’s Love”

    Receiving of our Tithes and Offerings           
    *Prayer over the Gifts

    Time with the Younger Church
    Message Series:         Unlikely Heroes         
                           Week 7                
    *Closing Hymn #410 (Vs. 1 & 4) “Joy in Serving Jesus”
    *Final Acclamation:  “Lord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessing”

    *Organ Postlude:     “Victory in Jesus”                        Arr. R. Criss
Coffee Hour Hosts needed!  Although all Sundays are signed up through
August 26, we invite you to continue signing up to host coffee hours.  We
really appreciate your service!

Please be sure to visit our Sharing Table in the Fireside Room each Sunday
through October!  

We are once again looking for volunteers (High School age and up) to help
with Wednesday Night Meals this year starting September 12th. Your help
would be needed for approximately an hour and a half and you would not
be required to work every week, if enough people sign up to help. The
meals are served from 5:30-6:15. We are usually finished with clean up
around 6:45.  If you are interested please contact Rich Criss @ 815-772-
3890. Thank you!  

Sunday School Teachers & Wednesday Night Helpers Needed:  We are in
need of Sunday School Teachers for the coming year and Wed. Night
DELTA helpers for (K-2nd) and (3rd-5th).  If you are interested in helping
please contact Lydia Ohlsen @ 563-212-0325  for Sunday School &
DELTA K-2nd  & Sam Wiersema @ 815-718-5204 for DELTA 3rd-5th.

Mark your calendars!!  Community Block Party – Saturday, Sept. 8th   5:
00-7:00 p.m.  We are thrilled to once again be hosting a free Community
Block Party on Emmanuel’s lawn! Our desire is to reach out to all;
especially  un-churched people in our community. We will have bounce
houses, carnival games and food, along with information & invitations to
visit our church and Sunday School if our guests do not have a church
home.  Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, tear-down, serving food,
helping with games and watching the bounce house & slide.  Donations of
baked goods are needed as well for a cake walk.  Please sign up on the
board in the Christ Center or contact Lydia Ohlsen @ 563-212-0325 if you
are able to help with this event!

Looking ahead...exciting happenings as we approach the start of
our fall activities sooner than we can imagine! Emmanuel Block Party for
all in the community on Saturday, September 8 from 5-7 pm with bounce
houses, fun games, food, prizes and more!   Sunday School resumes
Sunday, September 9 and Sanctuary Choir returns to worship!  On
Monday evening, September 10, choir and EVOP rehearsals resume with
all 7th grade and older invited.  This year's Christmas Cantata is called
"The King is Here!" and is an amazing work for multi-generational choirs.  
This is a wonderful cantata that has an amazing variety of music from
familiar carols to worship music from Christ Tomlin, Matt Redman and
more.  Wednesday night activities resume on Wednesday, September 12
with our community meals beginning at 5:30 p.m.  We are thrilled that
Ritch & Heather Lindstrom, Lydia Ohlsen and Brittany VanDrew and
Lynelle & Rich Criss have joined together to make sure we have delicious
meals each week.  DELTA for grades Kindergarten through Jr. High will
resume on that night as well.  Lots more information will be forthcoming,
but please mark your calendars as we look forward to these great times
Opportunities to serve your church at Emmanuel:
Nursery Workers (adult and 7th-12th grade):  contact Pam Muur in the church
Sound Technician: see Matt VanDrew at the sound booth
Funeral Committee: contact Kathie VanderVinne
Bread of Life Ministry: contact Michele VanBuren
Welcome Center Hosts: contact Al Wagenecht