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Aug. 11-Megan Muur
Aug. 13-Brenda Mayfield, Christine Schlegel, Tosha Venema
Aug. 15-Shelly Bierman, Lloyd DeShane, Jason VanderEide
Aug. 17-Jane VanZuiden
Good Morning!   Welcome to Emmanuel Church.  We extend a special welcome
to our guest speaker, Rick Nielson, who was our Men’s Banquet speaker last night.   
May the Lord bless Rick as he shares with us God’s Good News.  
9:00 a.m.…Sunday Celebration Begins!
Prelude:                  “Partita on Crimond”
                       (The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want)

Songs of Praise:       

    “You Are Holy/Prince of Peace”   Exaltation
    “Is He Worthy?”

Sanctuary Choir:        “Grace That You Have Shown”
Invocation, Announcements & Greeting the Family of God

*Hymn #322  (Vs. 1, 2 & 3)  “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”

Giving of our Tithes and Gifts          
    Offertory:         “O Worship the King & You Are My All in All”                      

Message:                   Rick Nielsen         
Morning Prayer with Lord’s Prayer

*Closing Hymn #286  (Vs. 1, 2 & 4)  “Revive Us Again”

*Final Acclamation:   “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

*Postlude:                 “Toccata on Thine Is the Glory”
Monday thru Friday
    5:30-9:30 a.m. – Walking ministry  

Mon., Nov. 18
    6:30 p.m.  – Choir Practice
    7:30 p.m. – EVOP Practice

Choir Room
Choir Room
Wed., Nov, 20
    9:30 – Adult Bible Study

Fireside Room
Thur., Nov. 21
    6:00 p.m. – Women’s Bible Study

    Fireside Room
The persecuted church around the world.
The world, national & state leaders.
Those battling addictions in their lives.
The families & marriages of our community & church.

The Missionaries our Emmanuel family supports: the Fields’ serving in Columbia; the
McCleerys serving in Latin America; the Pitchers serving in South Africa; the Smith-
Mathers serving in South Sudan & the Sundararajans serving  in India.

Ben Riewerts, grandson of Kurt & Carol Stralow, was moved to an inpatient
rehabilitation facility in Chicago to regain his strength and motor functions.

Our sincere Christian sympathies and prayers are extended to Lois & Bob Wiebenga and
family on the death of Lois’s sister, Evelyn Beswick who passed away early this week.  
Services were held here at Emmanuel on Friday.  May God’s comfort sustain them during
this time.

Kenny Venhuizen suffered a fall last Saturday and underwent surgery to repair an
injured knee at CGH in Sterling.  At bulletin printing, he was preparing to go for a short
time to Resthave for physical therapy.

Those who are healing & recovering: Ethan Buis

Those who have long-term needs: Jacob Green, Dawson Sterenberg & John

Those undergoing cancer treatments: Deb Wikoff, Mary Rasmussen & Jonelle Hook

Our servicemen and women serving our country, including Jason Akker, Riley Coffey,
Brad Eissens, Logan Frederick, Rowdy Lathrop & Lloyd Wicker

Kim Schroth & George Temple in their homes.
Betty Tegeler & Lois Wiebenga at Resthave.
Norma Boeck, Elwyn Nice, Roger & Marla Buikema at Windsor Manor.

Our farmers as they desperately try to complete this stressful Harvest season.
9:00 a.m. – Sunday Celebration                                                Sanctuary
10:15 a.m. – Men’s Ministry “Take Ten”                      Front of Sanctuary
10:15 a.m. – Sunday School  resumes Sept. 8th                  Entire Campus
10:15 a.m. – Coffee & Fellowship Time                               Christ Center
4:00-5:30 p.m. – Jr. High JAM                                             Youth Room
6:30-8:00 p.m. – Sr. High YF                                               Youth Room
Attendance last Sunday –  246
Attendance last year – 233
Total Offering to Budget Last Sunday:
2019 Budget:   
2019 Income YTD to Budget:        
Total needed to meet Budget:
$ 61,671.38
P L E A S E   U P H O L D   I N    P R A Y E R
Nov. 17-Elivia Decker, Marv VanZuiden
Nov. 20-Ryan Damhoff, Madison Schlegel, Joy Tegeler
Nov. 22-Susie Holbrook, Jamie Rodriguez, John Sterenberg
Nov. 23-Renee Kuehl, Scott Meinsma
Nov. 19-Bob & Lois Wiebenga



MEN   |     WOMEN     |    SENIORS     |    YOUTH   |   MUSIC    |   VOICES OF PRAISE    |   DIRECTIONS
**Please remember… If you are unable to be here on your assigned Sunday,
it is your responsibility to make arrangements to trade with someone.
Nov. 3 – Vernon & Jeannie Schaver
Nov. 10 – Jerry & Linda Schlegel
Nov. 17 – Kris & Sarah Schmidt and family
Nov. 24 – Zach & Jennifer Schuler and family
(Thanksgiving Eve) Nov. 27 – Mark & Susan Schuler
Nov. 3 – Ryan Venema, Doug Leech, Jim Landheer
Nov. 10 – Jerry Lindsey, Doug Leech, Scott Findley
Nov. 17 – Steve Hook, Doug Leech, Lloyd DeShane
Nov. 24 – Tim VanZuiden, Doug Leech, Bill Bush
(Thanksgiving Eve) Nov. 27 – Art Pruis, Doug Leech, Don Reed
Nov. 3 – Elivia Decker and Joshua McDearmon
Nov. 10 – Ethan Farrand and Connor Roberts
Nov. 17 – Ethan Bush and Cael Wright
Nov. 24 – Corbin Allen and Gabbi Stichter
(There must be 2 adults present – youth helpers cannot take the place of adult helpers)
Nov. 3 – Andrea Folkers, Jess Wroble, Zach Coons ---- F.U.E.L.- Katie R. & Lydia O.
Nov. 10 – Carla Bush, Sam Wiersema, Sarah Wallander
Nov. 17 – Janae Janssen, Holly Wallander, Addi Wiersema
Nov. 24 – Ken & Carol Stralow, Aiden Roberts
(Thanksgiving Eve) Nov. 27 – Volunteers Needed!!!
Screens/DVD Operators
Nov. 3 – Addi Wiersema and Isaiah McDearmon
Nov. 10 – Thomas Dauphin and Mitchell Johnson
Nov. 17 – Carver Findley and Hannah Wallander
Nov. 24 – Marissa Folkers and Sarah Wallander
Dec. 1 – Shelby Wiersema and Joshua McDearmon  
Congregational Meeting – The congregation of Emmanuel Reformed Church is
called to a congregational meeting Sunday, Nov. 24th immediately after Sunday
Celebration for the purpose of electing elders and deacons. Those who will be on the
ballot are, for Elder:
Jeff Eissens, Scott Findley, Becky Koster, Randy Kuehl, Doug Leech
Dave Wiersema.   For Deacon: Lloyd DeShane, Scott Findley, Randy Kuehl, Terry
Mayfield, Todd Schlegel & Kris Schmidt.

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser for B.A.S.I.C. (EPIC Center in Fulton): Monday, Nov. 18 from 5:00-8:30
p.m. at the Clinton, IA, Pizza Ranch.

Sr. High YF Mission Trip Cookie Fundraiser runs through Sun., Nov. 24.  $18 per box of pre-
portioned frozen cookie dough pieces available in these choices: Chunky Chocolate Chip,
Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, M&M Candies, White Chocolate Macadamia, Triple
Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Cranberry, Carmel Pecan Chocolate Chip &
Toasted Coconut.  Delivery/pick-up will be Sat., Dec. 14 at 12:00 p.m. in the gym. To order,
contact any YF mission team member.

From Pastor Al and Ministry Coordinator Rich:   Just a reminder that an opportunity to find
out more about Emmanuel Church and its membership will be held in the Pastor’s office near
the Fireside Room TODAY beginning at 10:15—or 15 minutes following the end of the
morning service.   It will end at 11:45.  Child care will be provided.  We look forward to
meeting with you.  

The Consistory has received notice of Lisa Bush’s resignation (effective Nov. 30) as custodian
of the sanctuary wing after several years of dedicated service.  We as a congregation are
grateful for Lisa and Josh’s dedicated work over these years.  As this position needs to be filled
as soon as possible, please contact Jeff McDearmon, consistory vice-president, if interested in
applying or finding out more about what is required to assume these duties.

The Wednesday morning Bible Study is facilitating another project!  It has been many years
since our “Celebrate Jesus” signs were purchased for a witness in our yards during the
Christmas season.  The group has ordered yard signs that are in the shape of a Christmas
package with either “Receive the gift of God’s Love,” “Jesus—Best gift ever” or “God Sent His
Son for everyone!” on them.  They will have them available following Worship as soon as they
come in for $5.00 each.  This is not a fundraiser as the signs are being sold at cost, but yet
another way for the Church to spread the good news of Jesus’ birth without promoting a
specific church.
November 17
Exit Greeters:   
    Ken Stralow
    Tom Venhuizen
    Kasey Wiersema
Coffee Hour:

Pre-Service Welcome Center Hosts
    Al & Donna Wagenecht
    Corey & Tammy Johnson
Post-Service Welcome Center Greeter
    Betty Pruis        
November 24
Exit Greeters:   
    Ken Stralow
    Tom Venhuizen
    Kasey Wiersema
Coffee Hour:
    No Fellowship Hour

Pre-Service Welcome Center Hosts
    Al & Donna Wagenecht
    Corey & Tammy Johnson
Post-Service Welcome Center Greeter
    Betty Pruis      
Magnifying Our Missions
November’s Designated Benevolent Offerings
Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty.  They partner with
churches, leaders, and families working to eliminate world poverty and reveal God’s
purpose to each person.  Food for the Hungry is inspired and led by Christian
beliefs serving without regard to race, creed, or nationality.  

We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this wonderful ministry
with a second specifically marked offering in addition to your regular
offering when it is received on
November 24th.