All who have yet to trust the Savior Jesus.
The persecuted church around the world.
Those battling addictions in their lives.
The families & marriages of our community & church.

Our Christian sympathy is expressed to Lloyd & Pat DeShane and family on the recent death of his
sister, Debbie Baker.  Services were held this weekend.  His sister-in-law, Carla DeShane, remains
under Hospice Care at the time of bulletin printing.

Mike Allen will undergo surgery at Mayo Clinics on Wed., Nov. 15 to remove a tumor on his adrenal
gland that is believed to be the cause of a number of problems he has been experiencing for quite
some time.  Please pray for his complete recovery, as well as recovery from the other issues he has
been facing.  Mike has been attending our church services for some time, as well as helping out with
Wednesday night meals and would appreciate the prayers from his church family.

Those who are healing & recovering: Jacob Schlegel, Jordan Wright, John VanderSchaaf, Dick
Ebbers, Brayden Deuth & Judy Becker

Those undergoing cancer treatments: Nancy Rutledge, Pat Dykstra, Mary Rasmussen, Jane Darby,
Deb Baker, Jake Vandermyde & Jonelle Hook

Our servicemen and women serving our country, including Jason Akker, Riley Coffey, Brad Eissens,
Logan Frederick, Jacob Kunde, Rowdy Lathrop & Lloyd Wicker  

Kim Schroth in her home.
Wilma Johannsen & Betty Tegeler at Resthave.
Norma Boeck, Elwyn Nice, Roger & Marla Buikema at Windsor Manor.
Activities this week at Emmanuel
Sr. High YF Mission Trip Cookie Fundraiser begins TODAY and will run through Sun., Nov.
25.  $17 per box of pre-portioned frozen cookie dough pieces available in these choices: Chunky
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, M&M Candies, White Chocolate
Macadamia, Triple Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Monster, Peanut Butter Cup, Carmel Pecan
Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Mint Chocolate Chip & Toasted Coconut.  Delivery/pick-up
will be Sat., Dec. 15 at 12:00 p.m. in the gym. To order, contact any YF mission team member.

The Wednesday Night DELTA Club fall mission project is collecting donations to support the
Weets family in Jeg’s Fight Against NPC.   If you would like to make a donation please give it to
Lydia or to Pam in the office by November 14.

The final Wednesday night dinner of the fall semester will be on Wed., Nov. 14th.    Special
thanks to Ritch & Heather Lindstrom, Lydia Ohlsen, Brittany VanDrew & Lynelle Criss and the
army of volunteer helpers.    All Wednesday night activities will resume on January 9th!

Everyone is invited to attend a night of Worship at the EPIC Center (formerly Trinity Reformed
Church) in Fulton on Friday, November 16 at 7 p.m.  Emmanuel's own "Exaltation" praise team
has been invited to lead an hour of worship music and is thrilled to reach outside our walls to
help this new ministry to the Fulton and surrounding areas.  

Mark Your Calendars!  Don’t miss our annual Thanksgiving Eve Service on Wed., Nov. 21 at 7:
00 p.m. in our sanctuary! This service will include a message by Pastor Rich and music by our
choir and praise team.  Bring your family and don’t miss this celebration of thanks! The offering
that evening will go to our Benevolent Fund needs.  We also encourage you to bring non-food
items for the Morrison Food Pantry as there is always a shortage of these items.  Let’s fill the
front of the Sanctuary!

We are in need of nursery workers for the Thanksgiving Eve Service, Cantata performances &
the Christmas Eve Service.  If you would be willing to help out, please sign up in the Christ
Thank you to our volunteers/servers
Nov. 4 – Pat Dykstra & Dick Bergman
Nov. 11 – Daniel & Sarah Deter and family
Nov. 18 – Rick & Glenda Deter
(Thanksgiving Eve) Nov. 21 – Shauna Davis and family
Nov. 25 – Gregg & Tami Dolan
Nov. 18
Center Hosts
Al & Donna Wagenecht
Corey & Tammy
Betty Pruis
Al & Donna Wagenecht
Corey & Tammy
Betty Pruis

Coffee Hour

K Schoaf/L Damhoff  

Scott Mouw
Kim Vandermyde
Kasey Wiersema
Scott Mouw
Kim Vandermyde
Kasey Wiersema
Nov. 4 – Megan Folkers and Nathan Davis
Nov. 11 – Ethan Farrand and Cael Wright
Nov. 18 – Joshua McDearmon and Connor Roberts
Nov. 25 – Luke Carpenter and Ethan Bush
Screens/DVD Operators
Nov. 4 – Thomas Dauphin and Luke Millard
Nov. 11 – Hannah Stralow and Hannah Wallander
Nov. 18 – Addi Wiersema and Sarah Wallander
Nov. 25 – David Stralow and Jacob Schlegel
Dec. 2 – Thomas Dauphin and Luke Millard
(There must be 2 adults present – youth helpers cannot take the place of adult helpers)
Nov. 4 – Kim Vandermyde, Lydia Ohlsen, Hannah Stralow, Zach Coons
Nov. 11 – Brittany VanDrew, Sarah Schmidt, Claire Coons, Marissa Folkers
Nov. 18 – Ken & Carol Stralow, Baylee Merema, Hannah Wallander
                             (Thanksgiving Eve)
Nov. 21 – Volunteers Needed!!
Nov. 25 – Hilary McDearmon, Missy Mouw, Anna Lindstrom, Kayla Carpenter
Attendance last Sunday – 220
Attendance last year – 262
Total Offering to Budget Last Sunday
Mortgage Balance:
2018 Budget
2018 Income YTD to Budget:        
Total needed to meet Budget:
     $ 16,649.65         
Free Community
Menu for Nov. 14:
(Brittany V./Lynelle C., cooks)
(last dinner until 1-9-19)
Leftover Buffet:
BBQ/Plain Pulled Turkey
Sandwiches, Goulash,
Salisbury Steak, Green Beans,
Ice Cream & more…
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The Gathering:  As we countdown the start of Sunday Celebration, we welcome all of
you to gather and move about in the Sanctuary to connect with other brothers and sisters, visit,
offer a welcome to our guests and prepare to experience God in a very special way.  Feel free to
bring your coffee in if you wish…this is a place for us to grow in a comfortable manner.  This is
the day the Lord has made…we are going to rejoice!
8:30 a.m. - Sanctuary Choir Warm-Up                      Choir Room
9:00 a.m. – Blended Worship Service                            Sanctuary
10:15 a.m. – Coffee & Fellowship Time                   Christ Center
10:15 a.m. – Sunday School                                 Entire Campus
4:00-5:30 p.m. – Jr. High JAM                                 Youth Room
6:30-8:00 p.m. – Sr. High YF                                   Youth Room
Nov. 4 – Corey Johnson, Tom Millard, Ernie Renkes
Nov. 11 – Al Wagenecht, Tom Millard, Russ Renner
Nov. 18 – Ben Carpenter, Tom Millard, Jim Landheer
(Thanksgiving Eve) Nov. 21 – Scott Findley, Tom Millard, Steve Hook
Nov. 25 – Jerry Lindsey, Tom Millard, Art Pruis
**Please remember… If you are unable to be here on
your assigned Sunday, it is your responsibility to make
arrangements to trade with someone.

+ + +
    *“How Great Thou Art”                                          
    *Welcome and Prayer                                         
    Songs of Praise:                “Who You Say I Am”                    First Sunday
                                                       "What a Beautiful Name”
                                                      “Soul on Fire”
    Sanctuary Choir:        “Keep Looking Up”

    Pastoral Prayer                                                                                                       
    (concluding with The Lord’s Prayer using “debts & debtors”)  

    *Hymn # 578  (Vs. 1, 3 & 4)  “America, the Beautiful”

    Receiving of our Tithes and Offerings
    Offertory:                “Offertory for Veteran’s Day”
    *Prayer over the Gifts

    Time with the Younger Church
    Message Series:         We the Church         
                           Week 8 – “To the Church in Philadelphia”                
    *Closing Hymn # 262  (Vs. 1 & 4)  “God of Our Fathers”
    *Final Acclamation:          “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

    *Organ Postlude:             “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”         
9:00 a.m.…Sunday Celebration Begins!  
Exit Greeters:          Tom Millard                     Scott Mouw
                             Tom Venhuizen               Kim Vandermyde
                             Corey Johnson                Kasey Wiersema
Nov. 12-Peyton Buis, Mike Challand,
Nov. 12-David Meyer, Cal Vandermyde
Nov. 13-Marilyn Akker, Ryan VanZuiden,
Nov. 13-Deb Wikoff
Nov. 14-Lydia Ohlsen
Nov. 15-Avery Venhuizen
Nov. 16-Mike Mills
Nov. 17-Elivia Decker, Marv VanZuiden
Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, cards and comfort for my
sister, Anita Gillard, over the past three years.      Nancy & Dan
Congratulations to Seth & Heather Bush on the birth of their daughter,
Isabel Marie, who was born on November 1st.  Isabel weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz.
and was 21 inches long.  She was welcomed home by big sisters, Elisha,
Adalyn & Olivia.  The proud grandparents are Sue Bush and Paul & Karla
Congregational Meeting – The congregation of Emmanuel Reformed Church is
called to a congregational meeting Sunday, Nov. 18th immediately after Sunday Celebration for
the purpose of electing elders and deacons. Those who will be on the ballot are, for Elder: Denny
Boeck, Jeff Eissens, Doug Leech, Jason McDearmon, Anna Ryder & Al Wagenecht.   For
Deacon: Kevin Buis, Randy Kuehl, Jason McDearmon, Ken Stralow, Ryan Venema & Al
Wagenecht.  We will be electing 3 deacons & 3 elders for 3 year terms, one elder to fill the
unexpired two year term of Dale Wiersema and one elder to fill the one year unexpired term of
Tom Millard.
Monday thru Friday
5:30-9:30 a.m. – Walking ministry
Mon., Nov. 12
6:30 p.m. – Choir Practice
7:30 p.m. – EVOP Practice
Tue., Nov. 13
7:00-8:00 p.m. – Moms in Prayer
7:00 p.m. – Elders /Deacons Meetings
7:30 p.m. – Consistory Meeting
Wed., Nov. 14
9:30-10:30 a.m. – Adult Bible Study
5:30 p.m. – Community Family Dinner
6:00 p.m. – K-2nd / 3rd-5th DELTA
6:30 p.m. – Jr. High DELTA
Fri., Nov. 16
7:00 p.m. – Worship Night w/ “Exaltation”
Sat., Nov. 17
7:00-9:00 a.m. – Men’s Bible Study
8:30-10:00 a.m. – H. S. Girls’ Bible Study


Choir Room
Choir Room

Upper Rm/Fireside Rm
Upper Room

Fireside Room
Youth Room
(final night until 1-9-19)
Youth Room (final night until 1-9-19)

EPIC Center, Fulton

Youth Room
Nov. 11-Ryan & Tosha Venema
Nov. 14-Frank & Carolyn Freas
Nov. 15-Nate & Ashley Vandermyde