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J A N U A R Y    N E W S L E T T E R   2 0 1 8
From Our Ministry Coordinator
Please uphold In Prayer …
All who have yet to trust the Savior Jesus.
The persecuted church around the world.
Those battling addictions in their lives.
Many families in our congregation who are suffering the loss of loved ones.
The families and marriages of our community and church.

Those who are healing and recovering:  Pastor Rich
Those undergoing cancer treatments:  
Mary Rasmussen, Jane Darby, Jake Vandermyde, Jonelle Hook and

Anita Gillard

Those who have long-term needs:  
Judy Becker, Linda Damhoff, Tyler Davis, Ethel VanZuiden, Jacob Green

and Alex Cartwright

Those who are confined to their homes or nursing homes:
Kim Schroth in her home.
Ruth Reed at Resthave.
Norma Boeck and Elwyn Nice at Windsor Manor.

Our servicemen and women serving our country, including:
Jason Akker, Riley Coffey, Brad Eissens, Logan Frederick, Jacob Kunde,

Rowdy Lathrop and Lloyd Wicker
January, 2018

Ready or not, 2018 has begun!  Happy new year!  That saying seems so cliché’, yet isn’t that what we all hope for?  Don’t we all hope that the new year will be better
than last?  Don’t many of us just long to be happy during the next year?

With the arrival of the new year, we often make all sorts of “new year’s resolutions” and then stress about how we will live up to these.  Usually, those resolutions have
gone by the wayside within days of the arrival of the new year, only to be replaced by feelings of guilt and disappointment for “another year of wasted resolutions.”  But,
we continue to set our goals, our resolutions, if you will.  And how often then do we find ourselves worrying about whether we’ll be able to do it.  How many of us face
that fear?  Will we be able to stick to our guns when it comes to our resolutions?  Does this cause us stress?

Well, brothers and sisters in Christ…hear the good news!  Just as the shepherds were told, “Fear not!” we are also invited to receive that assurance.  We are invited to
bask in the good news that we serve a God who is in control!  Our God makes all things new.  Certainly, the same God who created everything there is and ever was is
more than capable of taking care of us and providing for our needs.  Why do we fear?  What do we worry about?  If our God loves every sparrow, doesn’t he certainly
love us more?  Remember, Scripture reminds us that our God knows us by name, and knows the very number of hairs on our heads!  

Let us be a people who put our trust in the One who is able to deliver us from our stress and worries of what the new year may bring.  Let us walk 2018 together hand
in hand with our God rejoicing in the assurance that He will supply for all our needs, looking forward to what God will do through us if we only allow him.  Our God is
greater than any fear, any stress, any anxiety.  Grab a hold of his hand…and let him carry all of us through our good and our tough times together.

With hope,
Please get all address, phone number & email changes or additions to the office as soon as possible
so that your information will be correct in the 2018 Church Directory.  You may leave these changes
in the bulletin box by the office or email Pam at
Jan. 7 – Pat & Sara Young and family
Jan. 14 – Darrell & Janice Workman
Jan. 21 – Wayne & Marilyn Akker
Jan. 28 – Bill & Pat Anderson

Jan. 7 – Jim Landheer, Martin Koster, Scott Findley
Jan. 14 – Scott Mouw, Martin Koster, Jerry Lindsey
Jan. 21 – Art Pruis, Martin Koster, Scott Weets
Jan. 28 – Don Reed, Martin Koster, Ernie Renkes

Jan. 7 – Isaiah McDearmon and Luke Carpenter
Jan. 14 – Megan Folkers and Nathan Davis
Jan. 21 – Olivia Dauphin and Connor Roberts
Jan. 28 – Tristan Ohlsen and Joshua McDearmon
J A N U A R Y   V O L U N T E E R S
**Please remember… If you are unable to be here on your
assigned Sunday, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to
trade with someone.
(There must be 2 adults present – youth helpers cannot take the place of adult helpers)
Jan. 7 – Samantha Sterenberg, Missy Mouw, Anna Lindstrom, Kayla Carpenter
Jan. 14 – Heather Lindstrom, Holly Wallander, Meghan Sterenberg, Michaela Millard
Jan. 21 – Charme Millard, Dawn Roberts, Alli Hogue, Anne-Marie Wadsworth
Jan. 28 – Nicole Reed, Kathy Garrett, Maddie Sterenberg, Mitchell Johnson
Screens/DVD Operators
Jan. 7 – Sarah Wallander and Maddie Sterenberg
Jan. 14 – David Stralow and Jacob Schlegel
Jan. 21 – Thomas Dauphin and Luke Millard
Jan. 28 – Hannah Stralow and Hannah Wallander
Dec. 31 – Thomas Dauphin and Reilly Dolan
Jeff McDearmon
Rhonda Bush
Arnie Damhoff
Janice Workman
Mark Pruis
Andy Bird
Ashley Deuth
Doug Leech
Kathie VanderVinne
Trevan Burn
Kathy Dyke
Renee Temple
Karen Mulnix
Dan Vandermyde
Jennifer Bielema
Reilly Dolan
Terry Mayfield
Don Tegeler
Arlyn & Jane VanZuiden
Grace Bird
Daniel Deter
Tate Kuehl
Susan Schuler
Darlene Hook
Kris Schmidt
Donna Todd
Corey Johnson
Megan Emerson
Marissa Wadsworth
Linda Damhoff
Jason Kuehl
Josh & Lisa Bush
Virgil & Diane Bush
Lois Wiebenga
Barb Bush
Don Smith
Upcoming dates/events
     Sunday, Jan. 7 – 4:00-5:30 p.m.-Jr. High JAM/6:30-8:00 p.m.-Sr. High YF
     Sunday, Jan. 14 – 4:00-5:30 p.m.-Jr. High JAM/6:30-8:00 p.m.-Sr. High YF
     Sunday, Jan. 21 – 4:00-5:30 p.m.-Jr. High JAM/6:30-8:00 p.m.-Sr. High YF
     Sunday, Jan. 28 – 4:00-5:30 p.m.-Jr. High JAM/6:30-8:00 p.m.-Sr. High YF
January 10th – Wednesday Night Activities Resume
       5:30pm-6:15pm            Family Dinner

       6:00pm-7:30pm           K-2nd & 3rd-5th
       6:30pm-7:30pm           Jr. High        

10-week winter term will run January 10th through March 14th.
Director of Youth Ministries   (application)

Emmanuel Reformed Church of Morrison, IL is seeking a part-time Director of Youth Ministries (approx. 20
hours per week) We are looking for a Christ-centered servant who has a heart for Middle School (6th – 8th
grade), High School (9th – 12th grade) and working with lay volunteers.  The ideal candidate will be
relationally gifted, servant minded, biblically proficient and passionate about leading young lives to Christ both
within the church and the community. A detailed job description can be found on our website at http://www. or email inquiries with cover letter and resume to Pastor Rich Davis at If you are looking to serve a church where the focus is on the Word of God, the
Spirit of God and the Ministry of God—Emmanuel Reformed church just might be the place for you!
Installation & Ordination of 2018 Elders & Deacons
Sunday, January 14th
Kim Vandermyde
Tom Venhuizen
Dale Wiersema
Bill Bush
Daniel Deter
Kasey Wiersema
Al Wagenecht
Congregational Budget Meeting
Emmanuel will hold a congregational meeting on
Sunday, February 4th immediately following Worship
for the purpose of discussing and approving the 2018 budget. Copies of the budget will be in your bulletin boxes
on Sunday, January 28th.
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Tuesday, January 16th
       12:30 – 5:00 p.m.        
In the Gymnasium
Contact Deb Eissens @ 309-714-2008 to make an appointment.
Faithwalking 101 Retreat
What in your life isn’t working?  Where do you feel stuck?  Perhaps it is
a relationship, a work situation, a difficult transition, trusting God?
What have you tried again and again to change, with little to no
progress?  Do you believe change is even possible?  More than likely,
cynicism and resignation have seeped in and taken hold.  But consider
this:  What if we were created by a God who can raise the dead?  And
what if that God loves you deeply and wants to lead you to a place of
freedom and creativity and wonder?  Do you want to experience genuine,
lasting, transformation?  Consider joining us on our upcoming
Faithwalking 101 Retreat, as we seek to become fully human, fully alive.
When: February 2-3, 2018   (Friday 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm)
Location:  1st Reformed Church in Fulton, Illinois
Cost:  $25   This includes all materials and lunch on Friday and Saturday.     
There will also be drinks, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and snacks available
throughout the two days.

Faithwalking is a weekend retreat which at its core is about discipleship and
transformation.   You will be given tools that help you grow as a disciple of
Jesus so you can live fully into His design for you as an individual, as part of a
family, in your workplace and in your church.

Testimonials from participants:

“Fear and self-doubt have plagued me my entire life.  I let my anxiety control
me.  Faithwalking has taught me how to identify those times where I’m giving
in to my anxiety, and instead, make a decision about who I want to be and who
God wants me to be - in that situation and in my life…”  Jason McDearmon

I cannot say enough about the transformation I had from my Faithwalking
weekend.  My faith has grown, I feel a deeper connection with my Savior, and
I have become more intentional with making a quiet time with Him.  The time
they have you spend quietly with God is so very powerful.  I highly
recommend taking the time to start this journey…”  Melissa Sterenberg

“I have experienced more transformation since my Faithwalking weekend than
I have my entire life…” Cindy Wadsworth

If you have any questions about the Faithwalking retreat, please contact Dawn
Bird (815.590.5668).  Sign-up is in the Christ Center.  You will be contacted
with more information once you have signed up.
Welcoming all 7th Grade and older!

Sanctuary Choir rehearsals resume:
Monday, January 8, 2018—6:30 p.m.

First EVOP “Say Amen!” Spring concert rehearsal-- 7:30  p.m.

Please come and join us!

Come to our January YEAH Gathering

“A Day at the Movies!”
Thursday, January 25
The YEAH Movie Theatre once again opens up with two wonderful
heartwarming movies…the perfect way to spend a day!
Come for both movies, or if your schedule doesn’t allow, pick the one that
works best for you.

9:30 a.m.
“Hidden Figures”
An incredible story of the real women running much of NASA’s program
Three female African-American mathematicians (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia L.
Spencer, and Janelle Monae) provide crucial calculations for NASA's space race
against the Soviets, all while dealing with the racist and sexist assumptions of
their white co-workers. Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, and Jim Parsons co-star in
this adaptation of the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly.
This movie, based on a true story, will warm your heart and leave you in awe of
these women.

12:00 Noon
Potluck Meal
Please bring a dish or two to share.  
Ovens will be on if you need to bake your food during the morning movie.
All table service and beverages will be provided.

1:30 p.m.
“War Room”
From the creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes WAR ROOM, a
compelling, faith-based drama about the power prayer can have on marriages,
parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives. Opening in
theaters nationwide Friday, August 28 and filled with the faith, humor, and
authentic characters loved by millions in the previous Kendrick Brothers’ films,
WAR ROOM is a vivid reminder that prayer is a powerful weapon.

Please sign up by January 21 to assure adequate table service and beverages.
January Menu:
(**Subject to change)

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2017
Breakfast Buffet – Ham/Egg/Cheese Casserole, Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage,
Biscuits/Gravy & Mini Muffins

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2017
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Chips & Cookies

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2017
Chili & Chicken Noodle Soup, Crackers, Dinner Rolls
& Cinnamon Rolls

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2017
Chicken Strips, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Corn, Dinner Rolls
& Pumpkin Bars
January Birthdays and Anniversaries