through faith in Christ;
Share the fullness of God's call as ambassadors of
love and reconciliation.

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Our Statement of Purpose:
Emmanuel means "God with US" and the purpose of
Emmanuel Reformed Church is to celebrate, embrace and
share that good news made known in  Jesus Christ.  

We as a church strive by the power of the Holy Spirit to
celebrate, embrace and share the faith, hope and love we
receive by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

The words
"Faith, Hope and Love"  
herald the sanctuary entrance as a "sermon in stone" on the
outside wall of our building, a testimony and challenge to all of
the kind of commitment to God that founded Emmanuel
Reformed Church in 1947.  

So it is our desire that those cornerstones of
"Faith, Hope and Love"  
that we can only experience and share through a
relationship with Christ would be written on the
inside of our hearts and be outwardly evident
in our lives and our church
in this time and in this place.
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