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    The Ruth Circle has two main purposes.  One is to plan & serve funeral luncheons.  The contact
    person for this is Doris Vandermyde.   The other is to minister to the widows of Emmanuel. The
    widows are know as “Circle Sisters” and twice a year are treated to a wonderful time of fun and
    fellowship by the members of the Ruth Circle.  In June there is a Breakfast Brunch and in
    December a Christmas Luncheon, both of which are followed by a short program.  All of the
    proceeds that we receive for doing funerals are put right back into kitchen projects.

    "The mission of the Emmanuel Women's Ministry Team is to SERVE God by reaching out to our
    church and our community.  We will SERVE by nurturing each other through gathering women for
    fellowship and fun.  We will SERVE by mentoring through Bible studies and prayer, sharing not only
    the Word of God but the gifts the Lord has blessed each of us with.  We will SERVE through
    encouraging one another and reaching out to those who are in need.  WE will SERVE by growing in
    our spiritual journey by developing our spiritual gifts.  We pray that by serving God in these ways, we
    will help to equip women for a ministry to follow Christ, in a lost and broken world so loved by God."
Women's Ministries

    Priscilla Fellowship began in the early eighties when Pastor Hanke was at Emmanuel. His wife,
    Dorita, started a bible study group for young mothers. We met at night so our husbands could baby
    sit. Over the years things have changed and new women have started coming. We still meet at night
    but most of our children are grown enough not to need babysitting. Anyone, any age is welcome.
    We have studied a variety of books. Mostly we try to find something that pertains to us in our daily
    lives as wives, mothers and Christian women. We have studied Hospitality, Women of the Bible,
    Wisdom for Today's Issues, Forgiveness, Becoming Women of Purpose and several other topics. A
    service that we do about every other year is the Father-Son banquet. We use the money we have
    earned from this for many different needs in the church. We have donated money to the adult and
    children's libraries, things for the nursery, refilling the children's activity bags and items needed for
    decorating the church at Christmas. At Christmas time we have decorated the church and the last
    several years have included anyone from the church that wants to help. We provide soup and others
    bring sandwiches, salads and desserts and we have a wonderful time of decorating, good food and
    fellowship.  We meet from September to May and take the summer off. We have met on Thursday
    nights in the past but since choir practice is now meeting then we will be deciding on a new night.
    Watch the bulletin for details of the night and what we will be studying next. Come and join us!

    The Mission Circle meets the first Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m.
    The main purpose of the Mission Circle is to support missionaries, sponsor a child through World
    Vision and participate in other mission projects.  Monthly meetings provide opportunities for
    fellowship through messages that uplift, fun ideas for ministry and fellowship.
Priscilla Circle
"One of the first missionaries, married to
Aquila, risked her life for the
apostle Paul."

Acts 18-19; Romans 16:3-4; 1
Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19
Ruth Circle
Generous, loyal, and loving, she was
strong and serene.

Ruth 2-4; Matthew 1:5*

Mission Circle
Emmanuel Women's
Ministry Team

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